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Feb 4
Have some of you noticed hair improvement of your hair after going off your pill? Especially i mean the volume of it.. I'm scared of hair shredding after going off..
Feb 4
Are you having issues with hair thinning now? Everyone reacts differently but from the posts there that doesn’t seem to be a common side effect, it rarely is discussed.
Feb 4
Yes i do but I don't know if it's because of the pills or the fact that in the past i was coloring my hair and it got thinner.. I'm trying everything to get my thick, voluminous hair before any coloring but i'm afraid I'm stuck with it :(
Feb 4
Some users have noticed hair loss / hair thinning on the pill / around the time they started. I’m not sure if that’s a stated side effect of the pill but I’m assuming it could be related. If things such as diet and mental health are good on your part then it could potentially be the pill? There are many things that can cause issues with hair. I would check other factors before deciding to get off the pill and trying out different hair products and what not
Feb 4
I've heard that it's common also with age. I experienced some hair thinning in my late twenties (More noticeable along my hairline). After using better products, not using bleach as much, and taking some extra vitamins, the state of my hair has improved and I'm getting a lot of new growth. You have to treat your hair well, but thinning can happen due to a variety of reasons. (Weight loss, hormonal changes, medication, illness, genetics etc) If it's significant, it's a good idea to start figuring out the cause and see if there's anything you can do about it.

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