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Feb 7
how many pills does you need to take after a 4 day break week in order to be protected? this is what confuses me. i know im protected on my break week. and i know i can have a 7 day break but i just chose to have 4. and i know if i start my pack late then im not protected. this is the stuff that just really confused me. people say you need to have the 21 pills in order to be protected on the break week but ive seen a lot of conflicting posts. i’d love if someone could explain everything:))
Feb 7
you need to have 7 active pills to be protected on the break week but the usual people take is 21. your break week has to be 7 days or less or else you are unprotected - a lot of people say to take 4 instead of 7 so you don’t accidentally miss a pill and become unprotected by accidentally missing 8. after your break week as long as it was 7 days or less you are still protected.
Feb 7
so by taking atleast 7 pills there is enough of the hormones in the pill in your body to suppress ovulation for 7 days x
Feb 8
@onthepillxo so when people say yo must take 21 pills in order to be protected on your break week isn’t true? i could take 14 pills for example and then have a break week and still be protected? it’s not what i do im just trying to wrap my head around it
Feb 8
yes you could as long as it’s more than 7+
Feb 8
i think you made this comment in 2021 and more knowledgeable people about the pill than me did give you advice so if you want to read it type in “7 pills+ break week” and find your comment :) x
Feb 8
7 active pills is enough to shut down ovulation for 7 pill free days

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