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Feb 4
i need help! so i typically get canker sores in my mouth pretty regularly but right now i have 2 on my throat, one on my uvula and one under my tongue and it hurts to swallow. it also seems like i have some on my lips but they’re super super tiny so i’m not sure what it is. has anyone else experienced something like this or am i just being dramatic? (i’m sexually active with my boyfriend. we’ve been active since november but this is just starting to happen so i don’t think it could be an std?) if anyone has any idea let me know!
Feb 4
I’d recommend seeing a doctor. It could be canker sores or it could be thrush or herpes. They can then provide you the best treatment plan.
Feb 4
@maeve_ Can you get herpes inside your mouth? I know there’s other stis that can.
Feb 4
@stinaaa yes you can get herpes inside your mouth, especially on the tongue.
Feb 5
Whaaaaaat 😦😦😦 i had no ideaaaaa. Mind blown.

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