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Jun 28
Have any of you ever seen a chiropractor before? I’ve been having neck pain and can’t move my head to the left. Not sure why this has happened but it’s been this way for about a week.
Jun 28
It should go away after a few days. Otherwise try to warm it up with either a scarf or use a heating pad you put into a microwave for a few minutes . 😊 I can’t promise it will work but it’s worth a try!!
Jun 28
I’ve been to a chiropractor before. They might do stem then would probably crack your neck. You could also try PT
Jun 28
If you pulled a muscle or slept weird that could be the reason. But if it is something to do with the bones, I think it would be beneficial to go. I have a lifelong neck and spine injury, I have to go to a specific chiropractor that specializes in head, jaw, neck, and spine. It costs more but it’s so worth it. It’s not traditional back chiropractic work, he doesn’t “crack” any bones. He actually just pushes my bones back in place/where they should be.
Jun 28
I’ve been to the chiropractor several times and it’s great, but I know that there are also terrible chiropractors. I would try to get a recommendation from a friend or coworker rather than booking just any chiropractor. Because if they do it wrong they can really hurt you. My chiropractor won’t even touch patients without doing XRays because if there’s something like a fracture or broken bone him adjusting you could make it worse.

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