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Sep 20
Hey!! So I wanted to share these amazing positive sex affirmations with y’all!! It came with this new lube I ordered and got in the mail today, I haven’t tried the lube itself yet; but I know it’s going to be sooo amazing, as it’s charged with such goodness. I love this so much! I am all about sexual energy; and it being fully embodied. I am beginning to read more about Tantric Sex Practices; as I want to start learning, developing, and practicing a deeper sex with my partner, a bit of soul sex..ya know 😍 anyways just wanted to share the affirmations; as I love them! Going to list them just in case the pic doesn’t show for some: 1. I exude sexual confidence. 2. I am capable of receiving and giving intense pleasure. 3. Sexual arousal is a fun process that happens easily for me. 4. I have intense and frequent orgasms that satisfy my body and mind.

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