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Mar 24
I can’t stop shaking/trembling my leg and sometimes I do it unnoticed and people always ask me if I’m anxious or I have anxiety? I do but I don’t know if this is caused by that does that happen to anybody else?
Mar 24
Me and two of my siblings do it. Those two siblings are diagnosed with ADHD but I’m not. I do it sometimes but they do it mostly (and also other things)
Mar 24
@Mizzy_ omg I was thinking that too that I might have adhd I notice I have a very short attention span and I find it very hard to concentrate on things and when I try to Im usually shaking my leg
Mar 24
I do it when I’m anxious sometimes, but I know it’s common with ADHD as @Mizzy_ said:)
Mar 24
I do it too especially when I’m anxious

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