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Nov 21
cw: medication, weight gain has anyone else experienced a large amount of weight gain from ssri’s or antidepressants?? i’m feeling so down on myself because my meds have really saved my life, but i’ve gained so much weight and i’m trying not to beat myself up about it. i’m just afraid the weight gain will outweigh the benefits i’ve faced
Nov 21
I know our diet and fatphobic culture really drives in the idea that gaining weight is the worst thing in the world, but it isn't. Personally I think that being depressed and your mental health suffering is far worse than gaining a little weight. If you read your own post you said the medications saved your life, is gaining weight really so bad that it outweighs lifesaving treatment? I hope reframing it that way helps you.
Nov 21
so i totally understand how you feel because i was the same way when starting my antidepressants. however as @aurielle said, suffering is so much worse than a little weight gain. if the medication saved your life- gaining weight means nothing. on my own personal experience- being on antidepressants made me lose a lot of weight. but that didn’t matter to me because i can finally get out of bed in the morning. i hope you find inner peace with yourself and body weight. i know it’s so hard, but i promise you that if you’re feeling better- it’s far more worth it than suffering.
Nov 29
Hi hun. Sending self love your way ❤️ Speaking from a nurses standpoint, weight gain (also appetite increase) is incredibly common with many antidepressant medications. I am so happy to hear that the medication has helped in other ways, but if the weight gain is something that you don’t feel comfortable with, speak to your provider about it. they are able to try a different med, adjust dose, etc. Just know that you are valid in the way you feel, but you are still beautiful. I hope you figure something out that’s in your best interest ❤️

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