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Feb 9
This sounds so dumb, but has anyone found the trick to a healthy gut? I feel like I have serious issues when it comes to regularly pooping. I’ve been trying to eat better and drink more water and cut out anything besides water. It’s made going #2 so much easier, but I still struggle? I had coffee 2 hours ago and I’ve gone 4 times and I feel so much better lol. I still don’t go to the bathroom every day though and I am bloated most days. Almost like I’m constantly constipated lol. Does anyone have any tips? Should I be taking probiotics or something? Ugh I’m at a loss
Feb 9
I take a powder fiber supplement that you add to your drink/meal and it helps a lot! They do sell probiotics specifically for regulating digestion too but it sounds like you need some extra fiber!
Feb 9
Look up the FODMAP diet. It will help
Feb 9
Try implementing more fermented foods and drinks into your diet
Feb 9
Feb 9
When I went to the doctor for constipation I was told to have probiotics (drinks, yogurts, etc) and drink juices that start with ‘p’ (prune, pear, etc) because ‘juices that start with p make you poop,’ stay hydrated, and here are some foods that have fiber {oAWS8M29e}
Feb 9
If you’re already eating a varied diet that includes fruits, vegetables and fiber then I’d see a doctor.
Feb 9
Try introducing beans and lentils and avoiding red meats. Switching a chilli con carne to a kidney bean and chickpea style chilli is a good meal to start with.
Feb 9
Fiber (meta mucil) and a probiotic. My bf does this because he has upset guts as well and since he started taking that everyday he has been better.
Feb 9
I agree with @aurielle, if you’re already getting all of the good nutrients needed and looking after yourself and you’re still having issues, definitely see a doctor.

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