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Dec 1 19
Has anyone had green diarrhea before? I haven’t eaten many greens today so I’m not sure what else it would be because that’s what google said. Not sure if I should be concerned
Dec 1 19
I’ve had it after eating certain foods
Dec 1 19
yeah it’s happened to me before. it was scary because it’s unexpected. if it last longer than a few days i’d see a doctor
Dec 1 19
@oceanbluesea yeah I went to the mall and really felt it and I went to the bathroom and when I looked in the toilet when I flushed I was like ????? Pardon
Dec 1 19
My cousin had green poo once but she’d been binge watching shows and had finished an entire tub of those sour fizzy rainbow strips. Maybe you ate too much of something or ate something odd?

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