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Nov 20 22
so i’ve been spotting and having a light period since nov 12th , it’s now the 19th and i’m still spotting and cramping.i also start my placebo pills sunday, so i’ll end bleeding for another week. i take my pills on time/in my window time. i’m just curious on why i’m spotting before my “period” week. this also happens every other month, sometimes i’m fine but other months i’ll just start bleeding as i’ve previously stated
Nov 20 22
breakthrough bleeding. it’s a normal side effect unfortunately.
Nov 20 22
I’ve been spotting since the 2nd till now I’m getting worried
Nov 20 22
@bumblebee_20 like i said in the above comment, irregular bleeding is a very common and normal side effect of the pill. unless you’ve taken your pill incorrectly, you have nothing to worry about.

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