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Mar 23
This pandemic is really starting to get to me now. My mom and step dad are still going to work and I want them to stay home I’m so worried. Is anyone else here worried about their parents going to work? On top of that I can’t even see them even though they’re 2 mins away because I don’t live there anymore so I’ve been staying quarantined with my partner since he is immunocompromised, I haven’t been seeing anyone out of consideration and concern for him. All of this is getting to me. I can’t go out and sometimes as much as I love being with my partner, I need separate alone time. And can’t see my family that I miss so much. I just want my state to go on a full lock down because people aren’t listening to the rules and my moms job is finding ways to keep her going to work when it isn’t necessary. I just want all of this to be over.
Mar 23
3 out of 4 people in my household are still working including myself so I’m worried too
Mar 24
3 out 4 is working ... my sister works at a airport .. I work at a warehouse & my mom salon is shut down so she’s at fast food ... I worry everyday
Mar 24
I wish the best for you guys:( be safe

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