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Sep 21
tw: mental health, suicide mention i just need to vent, idk if i’m overreacting abt this or not. i’ve made a few posts abt this already but basically i broke up w my boyfriend back in june due to my mental health issues. i felt this huge weight lift off from my shoulders after that, that combined w some new meds helped me get to a better spot mentally. i ended up getting together with a friend of ours in july. we all run in the same friend group. anyway. my ex was extremely upset when finding out that i got together w our other friend. we had a talk (all 3 of us) and things are generally on good terms now. i’ve learnt that he’s talked to a lot of ppl abt our relationship including some really personal details (the main one being that we were barely intimate for months leading up to the breakup). since he told so many ppl details abt our relationship a lot of info has spread and gotten twisted while some details remained true. my bsf was helping running a band orientation thing for elementary school kids and she met up with our old highschool band teacher. he somehow knew that not only had i broken up w my ex and gotten w my bf now, but also that my ex and i hadn’t done anything in the months leading up to our breakup. the current narrative is also that i cheated on my ex which i absolutely didn’t. i got called a hoe for that (not by my old teacher, by a student) so that was fun. when i first heard this i don’t think it settled in completely but now that it’s the next day it’s really upsetting to me. my old band teacher learnt this info from one of his students,,,who didn’t even go there when i was still in hs so who knows how many ppl know now. i’m a very private person and i don’t even like sharing many personal details w my friends let alone people i hardly know or my old teacher. especially such a personal detail. i just feel so embarrassed bc from the way it was worded to me it seemed like the narrative was that i wouldn’t put out,,,but for the months leading up to the breakup i was in a terrible place mentally and wanted to k•ll myself every day. i’m in a better place mentally now but i can’t stop thinking abt how many ppl, both ppl i do and don’t know, know this extremely personal detail abt me. i’m just really upset over this,,i don’t usually cry but i just suddenly burst into tears bc of this and i feel like i’m overreacting bc of that.
Sep 21
I’m really sorry that this is happening to you :(. Your ex had no reason to tell YOUR personal business from the relationship. He honestly sounds bitter and I think you should block him on everything.
Sep 21
It's so completely inappropriate that someone is sharing private details of a former student's relationship with a teacher?? Like what kind of conversations is that man having with students. He should be reported honestly. I completely understand why you're upset, I'd feel the same. Honestly it says a lot about your ex too that he's sharing personal details from your relationship. There's a certain level of respect and discretion you should treat people with even if you're no longer dating. My best suggestion would be to distance yourself from these people, and definitely ask your best friend to not share conversations like that with you or keep you looped in on whatever gossip is going around. Because in the end it doesn't matter what other people know or think they know. I understand why its upsetting but if they're going to be misinformed and believe whatever it's really on them and has nothing to do with you.
Sep 21
@Karmen98x we all live together in dorms so that adds an extra layer to things😓he referred to me getting w my bf now as “the biggest betrayal” idk dude @aurielle yeah yesterday when i heard abt it i was okay since at the time i didn’t care what ppl were saying abt me and my character but today it’s sunk in a bit more. part of me doesn’t care and i can live rent free in their heads. but the other part of me just feels so exposed,,out of all the details to be shared around that one was def one of the most personal. esp w my old teacher like i don’t need any of my teachers knowing those things abt me. ty both for your responses i really appreciate it❤️

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