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Dec 3 22
Is a new outfit a nice gift for a new boyfriend? We haven’t been together that long (2months)and he has a Christmas birthday so for his birthday I am taking him to somewhere he mentioned for dinner. Then for Christmas i got him a outfit, it’s a NIKE hoodie and sweat pants. (I had an adidas one he liked but he told me before he prefers Nike so I’m surprised he like it)anyways he looked at me and said can we get matching red ones?( they don’t have red). But I got black that match I’ve never been great at gifts but I try to get things I think the other person would like… Help lol 😂 because I’m not the type to give “half” a gift so I’m in the store picking up under shirts and I found a foot ball beanie with his team on it 😅 that he also mentioned he wanted. He’s also not the type to ever get things for himself… No he didn’t ask for anything, but I don’t know I work at a store that gives really good deals so I just figured he always wants to do things for me already is this a good gift ?😫
Dec 3 22
sounds like a great gift considering it’s things he likes
Dec 3 22
@nikeyxo thank you! I really hope so.
Dec 4 22
I would only be concerned about knowing his correct size as I didn't know that about my boyfriend after only two months lol but otherwise that sounds nice!

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