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Feb 21
Hey girls, I have a slight problem with my 🐱 so I have those lumps under my skin in between my thigh and 🐱 and they are now darkly pigmented and I don’t know what it is but it’s abit worrying as I’m sure you all know, they are round and hard almost like boils or cysts, what should I do ???
Feb 21
Are they ingrown hairs or razor bumps?
Feb 21
I don’t think so I also have razor bumps but not there they are like under the skin so it’s flat but just a dark or red circle on top of the skin if that makes sense x
Feb 24
I’m not sure what there called tbh but I get them when my legs rub together. The darkness fades over time but I totally get how annoying it can be. I would apply baby powder to help control the rubbing or wear different types of clothes

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