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Dec 4 18
The situation is that I’ve been dating this guy for 5 months now and things have been mostly good however I just don’t feel he respects my family or maybe that’s me being harsh.. I’m not sure. Anyway, we were talking yesterday about family and I said I really appreciate my mum for being so kind and supportive about me going to uni and letting me live basically for free and he kinda aggressively said “well she’s your mum, that’s what she’s supposed to do” which I understand but I still appreciate her for the things she does for me just like I appreciate things he does for me. I mentioned how my siblings give my mum money when they can and he was kind of disgusting. I totally understand he’s grown up differently to me - I’ve grown up with a single mum who used to struggle whereas he’s had a home with two parents. Anyway, I’ve always talked about how important my family is and how much I love them and he makes these comments which I know aren’t malicious but I don’t feel that he makes much of an effort to understand my family in the same way I do with his. When he first met my family and he was rude afterwards when we were alone in bed & spent hours talking about how my family wasn’t how he had imagined at all, he had all these expectations that weren’t met. I found it hurtful. Anyway, he reflected and apologised to me about it the next day but I just find he keeps making comments sometimes and it sometimes upsets me. I know that’s all very long winded but I am just concerned that he’s not really interested in getting to know the people I love most or just respecting differences in our families and our upbringing.
Dec 4 18
His comments are ignorant and hurtful. I'd say boy bye because my family is the most important thing to me. It'd be one thing if he just mentioned how he was raised differently or something but was still respectful about it. But outright saying your family didn't meet his expectations is gross and elitist.

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