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Nov 23
Hi, I’m in my second month of using the pill and have already had a scare where I had to take plan b. So now I’m “waiting to see” if I can take a pregnancy test. 😡🤦‍♀️😭 For those of you on an IUD, what’s it like? I think I need to just do that. Ugh This is all so new for me because I was single for 4.5 years and only had sex two times and with a guy friend at that.
Nov 23
{qnk5Q95zi} i suggest reading this post to help you trust your pill
Nov 23
It’s actually pretty easy to use the pill properly as long as you learn how to do so! I recommend using condoms until you have done this. As you’re on a mini pill too it’s a little easier to understand when you are and aren’t protected. If you miss a pill you’re any sex BEFORE missing the pill is still protected, however any sex AFTER the missed pill is unprotected until you have taken 2 pills correctly. As for sickness, diarrhoea and medications/food which interacts - this is all found in the NHS website {QSJGQ95Z-} (this is also a good {JSJGQ95L7} about diarrhoea)
Nov 23
Thank you. This is informative. I bet in a few months I’ll feel more comfortable. Im on the mini pill because of my age. But, the guy I’m seeing, we had sex (no condoms) and then I went away on a trip and forgot my birth control pills. I took the plan b, but three days after having sex because I was with my parents and had to take an Uber 😬

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