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Sep 20
4 weeks ago, i phoned y doctor or to say i need a renewal of my pill and she said i need to phone 2 weeks before i finish my last packed and that’s what i did today, but now there’s no available appointments for 4 weeks at 21st of october. so i have to phone every morning at 8am to try and get a phone appointment so they can give me my pill! what do i do if i can’t get a phone appointment? i cant go 4 weeks
Sep 20
{96fTSF5Uj} ^ if it’s available where you are you can order the pill from there, you’ll just need to know what brand/dosage you get (you may receive the same pill just different brand) and your blood pressure but most pharmacies can get take that for you and it arrives quickly
Sep 20
When did you last have a pill check at the doctor and how long have you been on the pill?
Sep 22
I get mine from the sex clinic rather than doctors so I don’t get this issue, doctors make it such hard work

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