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Jul 30
Anyone used these? Do they make you have bad skin or bad periods? Brand: Cerazette
Jul 30
I’ve only been on cerazette for a couple of months. So far my skin hasn’t been too bad. But after 2 weeks I started bleeding a little and now I’ve been bleeding a little bit every day since then. It only requires a panty liner but I’m hoping it will settle once I’ve been on the pill for a bit longer
Jul 30
Everyone's body reacts differently so what one person experiences might be completely different to what you experience.
Jul 30
It’s different for everyone
Jul 30
You should read this, it’s not a period - {Gq95lEx-o} . But to answer your question I got a lot of irregular bleeding.
Jul 30
@Elspateman96 yes it seemed to give me more spots

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