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Feb 3
I was wondering if anyone else might have experienced this. I've been on Desogestrel since 2015 and the last recorded 'period' I had was 2020. Fast forward to this morning, I saw light brown colouring and a bright red smudge on the toilet paper. I thought, ah ok, what's going on here. Thing is, I've had nothing apart from that one bit all day and my mind started to wonder if it's implantation bleeding or just a weird 'period'. Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience. I take my pill everyday at 9:30 but have been a late as 11:30 of I lose track of the time.
Feb 3
breakthrough bleeding can happen at anytime unfortunately. taking the pill at the same time can help minimise side effects. you don’t have to worry about pregnancy as long as you’ve taken your pill correctly

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