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Jul 22
So my last post I explained how I basically took my first placebo pill and then started a new pack the next day. But I’ve had bleeding ever since and it’s not like dying down and getting less. It’s the same every day since then along with some clots and stuff and it’s super annoying. Would it be best to take a 4 day break (the number of placebos I have) and then start back again? 💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊🔶⚠️💊💊💊💊⏱ Brand: Yaz
Jul 22
yes as long as you’ve taken 7 or more pills before hand! that one missed pill/ placebo pill you took is fine as you can miss one pill anywhere in your pack and still be protected
Jul 22
@nikeyxo thank you so much. Bleeding can be so annoying sometimes lol!
Jul 22
@nikeyxo i'd be careful with the wording because a missed pill and placebo pill are not the same thing. You can take a break up to 7 days but no longer. The bleeding you're having now is breakthrough bleeding which can happen at ANY time in the month no matter how long you've been on birth control, it's totally normal, although i know it's annoying
Jul 22
@ConfuusedCat i’m well aware, a missed pill can be classed as a shorten break week but the placebo pill has no hormones so can be seen as a missed pill seen as the user didn’t take an active pill for one day.
Jul 23
oh i understand now, my bad
Jul 23
After I take the break, do I continue on the pack that I was on or start a new pack?
Jul 23
you can continue you the pack to not waste pills, i’ve done that a few times! the pills are all the same so it’s fine x
Jul 23
@nikeyxo thank you!!

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