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Sep 13
hey ladies what shampoo do yal recommend for oily hair? a good quality shampoo. I’m trying to wash my hair less often since it’s not healthy to wash it every day but after one day my hair is so oily and I feel like dry shampoo barley helps me out. Ive always washed my hair everyday since I was small I thought that was normal 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve always used cheap shampoo I could get at Walmart or Dollar General and I’ve heard it leaves waxiness and buildup and I believe that’s why my hair doesn’t look healthy and bouncy. what do you all recommend:) my hair is thin and straight/wavy
Sep 13
@faith11 ah same question here mine started being rly oily too.. :/
Sep 13
Look for shampoos which contain more non ionic surfactants like laureth-3 or 4, cocamide DEA, coco glucosides, Cocamidopropylamine oxide, stearyl alcohol - your hair may get greasy with it for a while but eventually stop producing as much oil as these are milder cleansers so your scalp won’t over produce oil to compensate for those lost when washing. Sorry I can’t tell you specific products I only know the ingredient/science side not actual hairdressing stuff x
Sep 14
Oh my! I started using this product called maui and it makes my hair so soft. I have greasy hair if I don’t shower everyday and this stuff I can go 2+ days without washing my hair
Sep 14
@Bubbles3264 Maui moisture? I’ve heard that one was pretty good! Which color bottle !
Sep 14
@faith11 depending on your hair they have lots and they smell AMAZING! I have the Shea butter one ( purple bottle) pretty sure that one is for damaged hair, then the hibiscus water one which is for all hair types ( pink bottle) but they have tons of selection
Sep 14
I recommend using sulfate free shampoos. Maui moisture, Love and beauty, Raw sugar and Acure to name a few. I would also try a tea trea shampoo to help
Sep 14
I have wavy/curly hair and I started using the Not Your Mother’s Tahitian Gardenia shampoo about a month ago. It’s sulfate free and I really like it. I have oily hair too and used to wash it everyday but now I only wash it about 2 times a week.
Sep 14
Anything sulfate free! I usually wait for ulta to have hair product sales and I buy the big bottles of redken! Any type is fine they have lots. Also make sure you rinse your hair really well before shampooing, and shampoo very well also. Only condition the tips of your hair, rarely do your roots (unless you have a dry scalp do it more often). I also recommend investing in a good dry shampoo 😊 I recently bought not your mothers texturizing dry shampoo from Walmart for like $6 and I’m OBSESSED. I like it way better than batiste which used to be my favorite. It gives me so much volume
Sep 14
@mortie21 Conditioner should never touch your roots even if you have a dryer scalp. Your scalp already produces oil and you’ll just be putting more. Conditioner should always be used on your ends
Sep 14
Ive the same issue with oily hair I’ve jus had to wash it every day 😟 trying to extend it but it’s HARD
Sep 16
Personally I do condition my roots but very rarely 😊 only about once/twice a month! I find that it helps with my occasional flaking and fly always. Again though it’s totally to your own discretion, do whatever works best for you 🙂 @ssueno_

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