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May 14
is PMS still a thing if i’m on birth control? i’m about to start my break and i’m feeling off, everything upsets me and i’m wondering if that’s the reason
May 14
May 14
@Turtles_ but how does that work? it isn’t a real period after all.. does the body adjust to the system of taking bc and “knows” when will the break start?
May 14
It’s just side effects of the pill, your body could also mimic phantom symptoms if you’re thinking about it.
May 14
Yes. Just a side effect of the pill.
May 14
@Yi_eune @bluerose9 i’m on my 2nd pack and experiencing quite a lot of side effects. are they going to continue? if so, is it normal or should i change the pill brand then?
May 14
@zeebzx yes that’s completely normal, it’s common to experience heightened side effects for the first 3-6 months of being on the pill as your body is adjusting to it. After that if you’re experiencing a lot of side effects you should consider switching to a different pill brand or birth control method.
May 14
thank you!

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