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Nov 6 19
I just put my first ever butt plug in, and I’m just wondering - how long can I safely keep it in? It’s quite long, kind of like a short dildo, silicone and comfy. Nothing hurts, and I feel fine, I just wonder when I’m supposed to take it out if there’s any time limit
Nov 6 19
I mean as long as it feels comfortable and doesn’t hurt you can leave it in as long as you would like. Lube does dry out so you might need to reapply eventually every few minutes or hours.
Nov 6 19
@Pandafan1 is slight discomfort/ strange feeling ok? It’s not pain but I guess since I’ve never used anal toys before a little bit of discomfort is ok. Correct me if I’m wrong
Nov 6 19
As you’re not used to it yes it’s gonna feel weird. I wouldn’t leave it in for too long and slowly work your way up instead.
Nov 7 19
I think you should probably start with wear them for a few minutes or half an hour until you become comfortable and then when you feel more comfortable you can wear them longer

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