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Dec 2 22
Hey everyone! I’m a bit embarrassed to say this. But I have a hard time saving up. I work $40 hours a week, $15 per hour. My boss takes advantage of me. Makes me do things that was not in the job description when I first started. Anyways, every week when I get my check I always end up spending it all on the weekends. I don’t like being home cause of my family. My parents are separated and my dad wants to sell our house because he technically owns it. Currently me and my 2 siblings and mom lives in the house. My mom wants to buy him out and so she asked me for money. She wants me to pay her every week. She also always ask me how much money I have saved. I’m ashamed to say I have nothing saved. I’m in my early twenties and don’t want to live like this. I hate being home around my mom because she always ask me for money. I want to start saving up but idk how to.
Dec 3 22
Your mom isn't entitled to the money you earn yourself so I definitely don't think it's fair for her to keep asking you for money. What are you mainly spending your money on? Could you set up a savings account so that each time you get paid you can immediately put a portion of your paycheck in there so you won't spend it?
Dec 5 22
You can keep your extra money in a savings account that you don’t have easy access to (like making instant transfers) Also you can set a budget for outings and take that out in cash. Like if you go out and your max budget is $80, take only that much out. I do that sometimes, and i obviously have my card in case I have an emergency but I know that my spending money should only be the amount in cash. It helps me to be more conscious with my money and how much I’m spending . Eventually you can become more aware and not need to take out the cash. You can just know that you will only allow yourself to spend a certain amount and stick to your budget

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