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Jun 21
hi, do i have to see my doctor again after i finish all my pills and ask for prescription again? or i can just ask the pharmacist to give me the birth controls? im so confused sorry if this is dumb question 🥹🫶
Jun 21
Look at your pill packaging/prescription from the pharmacy to see how many refills you were prescribed. If you were prescribed refills you can just call your pharmacy and ask them to refill the prescription. If not (ie you were only prescribed a certain number of months with no refills) you will have to contact your doctor for a new prescription
Jun 21
Doctors will usually only prescribe 3 months worth of refills when first prescribing someone birth control. Usually there’s a follow up appointment to make sure everything’s going well and then they prescribe more. I’d call up your doctor if you don’t have any refills left

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