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Feb 8
Anyone on here who's on the pill but not sexually active/not planning to be sexually active for a while? Sometimes I feel like it's a "waste" to be on the pill because I haven't had sex in a while and don't plan on doing it any time soon either. When I got on the pill years ago, my periods got alot lighter and I have minimal cramping now + my skin cleared up. And I don't think the pill has really messed with my emotions/made me more depressed either (which I've seen many women say). I guess I just want to see if there are any other ladies on here who use the pill for reasons other than protection.
Feb 8
Yes. I’m staying on it for my skin, lighter periods and because I don’t want to adjust on and off it because I know I’ll need it again sometime. Just not any time soon lol. I am debating switching to an IUD though.
Feb 8
Even if I wasn't sexually active I'd stay on the pill to skip my periods. It's for more than just pregnancy prevention
Feb 8
When I was single I stayed on birth control.
Feb 8
I use the pill so I don’t have periods, that’s basically the sole reason really. It also makes it easier though when I do meet someone and exclusively sleep with them.
Feb 8
Yeah I went on the pill when I wasn’t sexually active. I wasn’t active for a long time. I went on it for my skin and for skipping my periods which were really heavy. It isn’t a waste at all if you’re getting benefits from it.
Feb 10
I like being on mine since my “period” is now only 2 days each pack (during the placebos) and super light. I also have family history of endometriosis and my dr said it helps prevent that in me.

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