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Mar 14 23
Is it normal for your discharge to taste really sour? (Negative for STIs, no BV, no yeast infection)
Mar 14 23
Discharge is naturally acidic so yes. Possibly your PH balance is off but mine is also sour and I also do not have any sort of vaginal issues
Mar 14 23
@Kitarah how can I check if my PH balance is off?
Mar 14 23
I think there are OTC test strips you can buy at the pharmacy!
Mar 14 23
@KItarah What should PH balance be to be considered normal/healthy? And if it doesn’t fall in that range, would boric acid suppositories restore my PH or how could it be restored?
Mar 14 23
Sounds normal
Mar 14 23
@aurielle I hope so. Yesterday I felt my discharge increase out of no where, and when I checked my panties I saw a huge amount of white discharge. No scent to it but it was super sour. Still unsure if this is normal. I don’t normally have that big of an amount of discharge
Mar 14 23
I’m not sure to be honest

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