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Aug 3
Hi all, I have been on birth control religiously for years, and this month is the first one I didn’t bleed on the placebo pills. Has anyone experienced this? I take them the same time every day and I don’t think I could be pregnant based on that, but I guess there is always the chance? I just find it weird that I haven’t started bleeding yet.
Aug 3
not weird at all. birth control thins the lining on your uterus so it can lighten bleeding or even stop it altogether. you have no reason to worry unless you’ve taken your pills incorrectly.
Aug 3
Okay, Thankyou. This has just never happened in 5 years on the same pill so I just thought I would see if anyone has similar experience.
Aug 3
{Da33Q85rS} - here’s a post to refer back to if you ever need it. your bleeds won’t always be the same every time. lots of people experience the same thing, myself included.
Aug 3

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