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Apr 5
I had continuous break through bleeding my whole pill pack so I decided to take a 6 day break. The bleeding did in fact stop. I took an active pill yesterday and now Im bleeding again. Im just so frustrated and dont know what to do :( Just feels like I wont ever stop bleeding.. my birthday is this weekend and i’m just hoping it will stop. This is the first time in two years this has happened.
Apr 5
unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to stop breakthrough bleeding
Apr 5
Ugh, I know the side effects can be unpredictable and breakthrough bleeding is so frustrating. I would try talking to your doctor. Maybe you need to switch pills?
Apr 5
@honeypot3 Yeah i might. Its hard to do that as I’m away at college right now. By switching pills do you mean the brand or dosage? Not sure I’m comfortable bumping it up
Apr 5
I would talk to your doctor about that as they know whether you should switch brands/dosage. I’m not too familiar with that because I’ve not switched before. Maybe you can do a televisit? My doctor offers phone appointments and they also mail me my prescription. Best of luck.
Apr 6
@honeypot3 Yeah, I think I will call my doctor tomorrow and ask. Im just stressed out about it and hope it isn’t anything serious.

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