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Nov 17 22
just need some opinions:)) so my boyfriends brother moved out of his family home a few months ago so my boyfriend got his brother old room, leaving his old room empty, my boyfriends friend is being kicked out of his toxic household around christmas time but i don’t really know why. so he is renting out my boyfriends old room. i like him, he went to my school and college and what not and we know each other very well. i’m at my boyfriends quite often, but i’m abit worried that his friend will constantly want to be with us, like i’m worried me and my bf wouldn’t get much alone time since his friend is moving in, his friend has a girlfriend and i assume she would be visiting occasionally. i completely support him moving in with my boyfriend as i know it’ll give him more freedom and get him out of his toxic house hold. do you think me and my boyfriend would still get the alone time we want?
Nov 17 22
your boyfriend will just need to set boundaries if they need to be set and make it clear when you guys need alone time
Nov 18 22
^just discuss your concerns upfront with your boyfriend and I'm sure they will be able to work things out so you still get plenry of couple time.

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