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May 14
Anyone who has endometriosis have the iud? Or just anyone with the iud, what's your experience? I've been told that the Mirena IUD can really help with endo, and I'm sick of the pill at this point. (I'm also sick of worrying about medications that will affect the pill - I have severe nausea a lot of the time due to IBS, and the doctor has prescribed me omeprazole which helped a lot, but I've read differing opinions on whether or not it affects the pill.) So anyone with the iud, what's your experience? How was the insertion? Do you still have regular periods or did they stop of happen more often? Side effects? Any information is really appreciated!
May 14
Also wanting advice on this ! Tired of the pill and how I have to account for vomiting and diarrhoea as I struggle with both. Considering either the implant or the Mirena IUD as I have heavy periods. X

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