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Nov 30 19
Ok so I know I’m probably being silly but just need a bit of advice or even just someone to tell me I’m being stupid... I feel so pushed out of my family lately. We’ve always had a close relationship, maybe too close sometimes but I’ve never minded too much. My older brother is evidently the favourite and his every need is pandered too and I’m pushed back and made to feel less to make him look bigger. My brother is difficult and we expect he has ASD but in the way he acts, he just seems spoilt. (I work with ASD so can see the similarities and I feel that I should be more patient with it all, but when I come home from work, it feels rubbish). Everyone in my family keep telling me I’m miserable but when I try and explain how I feel, I get shut down and told to stop being so negative and that my brother is just treated differently and we need to cater to his needs more. They’ve said on a few occasions they would actively chose my brother over me. I try and do everything for them and he does absolute nothing. I know it probably sounds awful selfish but I just feel so down lately and no one seems to even care. Sorry for the long message 🙄

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