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Jan 21
Hi I use the brand rigevidon and have done for 4 years now, I used to take the pill using the method three packs and then a break but then the doctor told me I could just take them continuously, so I have been doing this since last summer but this week I started noticing blood but only when I was wiping like I could get through the day without using pads but everytime I’d wipe there would be blood on the toilet paper, this lasted two days and today it’s been enough blood to leak through my pants, I don’t know if this is breakthrough bleeding or what? Another thing is that I did miss two pills last month but I have done a pregnancy test and it was negative
Jan 21
any bleeding that occurs during you active pills is breakthrough bleeding, there is no other bleeding that occurs (other than withdrawal bleeding during your break). the two missed pills are fine as you’re protected since you’re taking your pill correctly and they can be counted as a short break. unfortunately bleeding can occur at anytime

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