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May 20
Has anyone knows anything about yeast infection treatments. I went to pharmacy today and got a tablet I need to insert into my vagina I did that but I forgot to ask after how long does it go away
May 20
Whenever I get them they usually go away pretty quick because I use the three day monistat.
May 20
call them. they should be able to tell you
May 20
It will tell you in the pamphlet that comes in the package. I think it’s within 7 days, but it’s best to check the pamphlet
May 20
Within 7 days but after a few days you should see improvement.
May 20
Within 7 days don’t have sex either during those seven days if you are usually sexually active if you are sexually active make sure your partner doesn’t have thrush as he/she could then pass it back to you x
May 21
I still have the symptoms very annoying it’s still itching down there do symptoms go away Straight away or do I need to get the pill to insert into my vagina again?
May 21
@S_V12 it should say this in your medication pamphlet but it may take a few days for symptoms to clear completely

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