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Mar 23
COVID-19 This might sound like a silly question but now that the UK is on lockdown, does anyone know if I can still pick my mum up from work? My mum went into work this afternoon as unfortunately they’ve not yet closed. I heard we can get fined if we’re found to be leaving our homes if it’s not for necessities etc.
Mar 23
if you’re her source of transportation i don’t see why not?
Mar 23
You really should not leave the house unless it’s for one of the specific reasons stated by the government.
Mar 23
^ also these rules will be enforced. You can get fined if you’re outside for anything other than one of the reasons stated.
Mar 23
Here we can only go one person in a car unless it’s an emergency or a minor/elderly, etc. Read your country’s regulations.
Mar 23
Yes you can, as two people are allowed to be together at the same time

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