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Jul 22
heyy everyone :) I‘ve been thinking about changing my current birth control(which is the pill) to the patch. But I hear so little about it and I‘m wondering if someone wants to share their experience and would be willing to answer some questions or so?
Jul 22
Everyone will have a different experience on different types of birth control. You just have to find what works best for you :)
Jul 22
You’re just going to have to try, someone else’s experience might be the complete opposite of yours. You can find all the info on it on the NHS website if you want to read into how it works
Jul 22
Try the search bar if you haven't already there might be some older posts on it
Jul 22
I switched from the pill to the patch a few months ago and I experienced the same problem. The search bar doesn't really show relevant posts and nobody replied to the post I made 🥲. I'm willing to answer some questions, English isn't my native language but I will try as I have been in your spot as well. Overall I like the method, i happy not having to think about it everyday. However it's quite a hassle as to where to place it and in the beginning I was often anxious whether it was sticking well.
Jul 22
I was on the patch over a year and a half a ago. Im on the pill now and i prefer it so much more. My body is reacting the same way (in a good way) but obviously everyone will be different. However i just don’t like the patch itself. I found that it’s difficult to find a good place to stick it to, either the places were really visible or my body was sore from the adhesive, and it’s not convenient as the patch is real pale so it won’t “blend in”. Another issue i had was that little bits from my clothes would stick around the patch as were impossible to scrub off due to the adhesive. Taking it off is painful as well but that depends on your pain tolerance. As a birth control is worked well for me but i didn’t enjoy the patch itself

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