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Sep 16
Does anybody have any ways to spice it up in the bedroom? Me and my bf have quite an interesting sex life but I rlly wanna try something new that we haven’t done before? Does anyone recommend any positions or anything I can do before sex to make him go crazy if you get me, sorry if it’s tmi lol
Sep 17
First, try talking to him about maybe some kinks you guys have wanted to explore and was too afraid to tell each other to try. See what he can be open to because you don’t want to try something he might be uncomfortable with. Next, go to a sex store together and look at some items that might interest you. If you’re more clitoral look at some vibrators, look into some fun sex games or even bondage stuff like handcuffs and blindfolds! Lastly, when having sex, HAVE FUN! Move around to all sorts of positions, which can be awkward but you can always find something new that might feel amazing! Me and my bf try all sorts of positions like 69 (which my man LOVES) , standing up, a very passionate hugging position, or even me spreading to almost a split position. You don’t have to live by the basic sex positions. When having fun, you’ll find all sorts of things! Hope this helped :)
Sep 17
Also, be confident! Men love confidence in the bedroom and often times love when you take charge instead of them. My man likes it when I initiate and be a little aggressive with light choking, and dominant.

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