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Nov 19 22
💤▶️••••••🔄••••••🔄••••••⚠️ Hi everyone! I started the patch & I love it. I’m on my 3rd week. I thought it was my 4th & I took the patch off this morning at 11am thinking it was my break week. I’ve just realised now at 5:20pm, that I should of kept it on till 4pm to take it off & replace with a new one, as week 4 isn’t till next weekend. Since it was about 6hrs without any contraception, will I still be protected? Or will I have to use condoms for 7 days. Thanks 💖 Brand: Eura
Nov 20 22
i’m thinking of switching to the patch since the vaginal ring is giving me super bad nausea. how does the patch work for you? also, i think you aren’t protected and should probably use contraception since the patch is similar to the ring where you have a two hour window. check the NHS site for more details! i’ll link it below for you :)
Nov 20 22
Nov 20 22
@mikamiyu I did some research and Google says I’d be protected unless I went over 24hrs without a patch on☺️ I actually like the patch though, I’ve not had any side effects other than sore breasts which have actually went bigger hahaha. But everyone’s different, the pill & the injection give me way more side effects

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