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Aug 3
topic: antidepressant medication anyone else highly sensitive to medication, specifically antidepressants? i feel like no matter what medication i try, i hate how it makes me feel, the side effects and i always stop taking them. my doctor prescribed me effexor xr and i haven’t even been on them a week yet but i hate the side effects. i’m experiencing excessive sweating, yawning, headaches almost every day, makes me tired but restless at night, no sex drive, i can’t even orgasm on my own now. and i feel like a zombie, like i’m in a dazed state 24/7, almost like i’m emotionless. what do i gotta do to function normally without these symptoms 😩
Aug 3
People tend to have side effects the first few weeks while taking them then they usually subside after ~a month. I remember my first few weeks I was constantly nauseous, had headaches, had no sex drive, constantly felt like I was dissociating
Aug 3
^it takes time to adjust to any new medication
Aug 3
tw: eating/appetite i feel you i’ve been given 3 different antidepressants in the past 2 months😭the first one completely got rid of my appetite, like i was eating half a pack of ramen a day. the second one omg one pill knocked me out for like 3 days. this third one’s been okay so far but just the process of switching so much has taken a toll on me. something interesting my pharmacist mentioned was that different races metabolize medications differently (i’m asian for reference) which is why that second one hit me so hard. so my doctor prescribed the amount suitable for a white person and not me😅 anyway before my comment gets too long lol, hopefully you can adjust to these meds or find one that works for you🫶

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