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Nov 19
Tw: covid How is everyone dealing with holidays given covid? Thanksgiving is next week for those in the US and with cases skyrocketing I'm afraid it'll be put over the edge.
Nov 19
I'm eating with a small group I know has been being pretty safe but I know even that's a little risky
Nov 19
Pretty sure I’m doing nothing lol
Nov 19
I’m traveling and eating with small groups of family. We know everyone is safe and we’ve been very safe. Unfortunately for us we have a lot of elderly family who may not make it to the end of this not from Covid but from other diseases so we don’t want to miss crucial time.
Nov 19
Not planning anything I don’t wanna risk anything
Nov 19
Thanksgiving I usually eat with the family I live with anyways. So I’m sticking to that
Nov 19
@ssueno_ same in my family. Its always just been family that I live with for thanksgiving.
Nov 19
Just eating with family i live with. It’s reckless to meet with other families. I know a lot of people don’t care so this holiday season is going to be bad.
Nov 19
I don’t think we are doing anything
Nov 19
I was originally going to go home to my parents’ with my husband. My sister and her boyfriend were going to join as well. But now, my husband and I are going to have it be just the two of us. A little disappointing, but I feel it is safest and it might be nice to have some alone time.
Nov 19
We had thanksgiving in October here and it was jus with my family who I live with. Same with any other following holidays. And probably same for Christmas.
Nov 20
I’ll be going to my parents as normal with my partner on Christmas Day. My sister will be home from university too so that’ll be nice.

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