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Jul 23
The guy I’m chatting with said he lives with his ex but he’s moving to a new apartment by himself in two weeks. Is it okay to tell him that I feel uncomfortable talking with him while he lives with a girl. Or am I being dramatic? I was going to tell him to text/call me when he moves out.. in the nicest way possible
Jul 23
It's perfectly valid to set any boundaries you want, I'd also personally feel uncomfortable talking to someone who still lived with their ex.
Jul 23
definitely agree with @aurielle, i’d feel uncomfortable too! you could say let me know when you’re settled in your new place or something along those lines
Jul 23
Nope you can feel however you want to feel don’t ever feel bad for that! He can take it . But I would let him know you’re uncomfortable.. if he likes you he would wait and understand !
Jul 26
Regardless of what it is, you should always express how you feel! Your comfort should always come first love!

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