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Jul 30
I asked to be prescribed lo loesterin fe and when I opened my pack it looks a little different! Is this just the generic brand?
Jul 30
i think that’s the regular loestrin, not lo loestrin. someone correct me if I’m wrong, but i think there is just a slight difference between the two, but they both obv work the same way :)
Jul 30
@smil thank you!
Jul 30
It’s a different kind of Loestrin. It is not Lo Loestrin Fe. Lo Loestrin Fe has less hormones and only a 2 day break.
Jul 30
Lo loestrin has no generic thats “loestrin” it’s completely different.
Aug 1
Thank you all.. I didn’t end up taking this because it’s not what I wanted! Yaz has 20 mcg of estrogen and I wanted to go down to 10mcg and the kind they prescribed me above has 30🙄🙄

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