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Mar 16
might be a weird one.. tuesday night me and bf had sex again, its the same as always, i give him head, he gives it to me/fingers me then we do missionary and then its over baring in mind a month ago i was a virgin, and my only ever sexual experiences have been w him so when we’re cuddling after he asks me what i think we can do to make it better or more exciting and i just felt bad for him bc he’s really good at everything and i just dont think i am and he said he doesnt mind at all he was really nice about it and just said im a pillow princess hahaha but does anyone have any tips/ideas what i could try to make it more fun for us both? im still a bit hesitant about doggy or doing too much too fast because im still trying to just get used to everything thaaanks!
Mar 16
You could try initiating first and taking control. Put on a sexy costume/ lingerie, etc. But don’t be too hard on yourself! I was the same way where my bf had previous sexual experiences but I was a virgin, and it took me some time to get comfortable with what I liked and with being comfortable being in control. Try riding him to a finish next time and/or tell him what you’re going to do to him in a sexy way
Mar 16
@kitarah we’ve tried with me on top before and it was just too painful but i would try again but ik he’s careful with me being in pain and stuff and i also get embarrassed to talk to him during idk why because he does but im just so embarrassed and it makes me feel bad for him because hes really doing all the work i just never know what to say
Mar 16
As weird as it may sound, practice on your own with a pillow! Also do you get enough foreplay before you get on top? Sex should never hurt and you should stop if you do have pain
Mar 16
Being on top takes a bit of practice too, but never trying it also won’t make it easier for either of you. Something else you could look into is different kinks that you might enjoy.
Mar 16
There's no such thing as being "good" or "bad" at sex it's all about communicating and working together to make it a good experience for both of you. So don't feel bad when your partner initiates communication, he literally said what can WE do to make sex better so it's not a criticism of you. If you are new to sex it totally makes sense that you need some time to be comfortable exploring new things and you can say that to him! You can learn about things you might be interested in trying through porn (keeping in mind that its not entirely realistic) or there are quizzes/lists online that both you and your partner can take and share results to see what things overlap that you'd both like to try.
Mar 16
@aurielle i know! im not upset he’s asked because i do totally know it’s repetitive and its fun to try new things i was just asking for any suggestions i am very appreciative of how caring he is of me :)))
Mar 17
There’s lots of exciting things that you can add all while you get to stay on the bottom that feel great and different! Sorry but I’m going to be specific lol.. you could try lifting you legs up around his back, on his shoulders, or splitting them where one is up on his shoulders and one is down. These are just a few that feel good for me, and I get to be on the bottom. Also, if you are interested in going on top without it hurting I recommend some more foreplay or even lube.

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