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Sep 15
Hey everyone, freaking out a bit! Im around 2 weeks late for period but testing negative on pregnancy tests. I started the mini pill Cerazette for 3 weeks, during that time I recall having sex with no condom after a week of taking the pill, my bf did not ejaculate in me. Then had sex another time using a condom. I stopped taking it around a week after the condom sex as the side effects were unbearable. I had some random spotting for 3 days around 2 weeks after I had sex. I have taken multiple tests and all are negative… Ive contacted my doctors and they haven’t been very helpful. Idk if this is just the pill messing up my cycle or I’ve somehow gotten pregnant… im freaking out as I have never been so late, and surely the pill would have left my system ages ago. :(
Sep 15
It can take up to 9 months or even longer for your body to fully adjust off the pill. During that time it’s very common to experience irregular periods and other side effects like headaches, nausea, mood swings etc. So what you’re experiencing is normal. If you were using the pill correctly then any sex you had was protected by the pill. If you’re getting negative tests then you’re NOT pregnant unfortunately you’re just going to have to be patient and wait for your cycle to regulate itself. I see you’ve posted this question a week or so ago, unfortunately the answer is the same. As you weren’t on it very long it might not take that long to adjust, but also as you weren’t on it very long your body hadn’t actually adjusted to the pill in the first place so your hormones are probably alllll over the place. Give your body time. Easier said than done I know but stress isn’t going to help either.
Sep 15
@bluerose9 Thank you, I know logically I shouldn’t be pregnant but its just such an awful time for me if I was. I will try and keep calm, just pray for my bleed 😫
Sep 15
@Idkmxx if you’ve had multiple pregnancy tests then you’re just not pregnant. Multiple negative pregnancy tests is a more definitive “not pregnant” sign than a period is.
Sep 15
@bLuerose9 I guess so:/ but ofc I googled and some women have such high HCG that the tests come off negative. Hopefully it will be fine
Sep 15
You can use condoms until your cycle regulates itself if it appeases your anxiety but yeah like @bluerose9 said, you aren’t pregnant. Sometimes I don’t bleed at all during my break week.
Sep 17
@UncrushableP im not on that pill anymore, was only three weeks. I just dont think its normal for it to have stopped my period that quickly. I have sore boobs and nipples at the moment and am quite moody. Still no sign of period though

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