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Jul 30
I got tested for a yeast infection, bv, trich, and stds again recently because I’m having vaginal burning and irritation. My boyfriend got tested in May and came back std free. When I went back to that awful clinic the nurse said to me “are you sure your boyfriend is loyal” and I was like excuse me?? And I know he wouldn’t ever cheat but I have paranoia so why would the nurse ask that??? Because I have been tested for stds last time and they came back negative about a month ago and I’ve only been with my boyfriend. I’m pretty sure I have a yeast infection or bv or even both. I’m just not really having smelly discharge just vaginal burning
Jul 30
Girl I’m in the same boat as you! But I actually hooked up with someone (me and my bf are trying an open relationship) and I’m pretty sure I got Chlamydia or something and I had burning constantly even during and after urination but it went away for a week. Now my boyfriend is experiencing some burning too so we both got tested on Monday and are still waiting for the results
Jul 30
@_mars_ well I’m in a monogamous relationship so if I end up getting chlamydia after getting negative results a month ago that means my boyfriend cheated and that’s pretty insane to think about because everything is so perfect with me and him that I never have questioned his loyalty until the nurse said that. So I’m hoping I have bv or a yeast infection for the sake of my relationship
Jul 30
Yeah I agree 100%. If you have any sex toys make sure you are cleaning them after every use because if it is Chlamydia you can reinfect yourself
Jul 30
@_mars_ my boyfriend is getting tested again today because I’m worried now and he doesn’t want me to question his loyalty

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