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Oct 8 19
Does anyone here suffer from eczema? If you do, what are some lotions/scrubs/soaps/remedies to help treat your eczema?
Oct 8 19
The only thing that works for me is prescription mometasone furoate ointment
Oct 8 19
Epsom salt baths help for mine. But oral steroids are the only thing that’s actually cleared them.
Oct 8 19
Yes and I think the best thing to use is something like @schwa said
Oct 8 19
Oct 8 19
The only thing that really helps mine is prescribed hydrocortisone cream, or other steroids. But cutting out dairy did help my skin in general, and my eczema tends to be less severe
Oct 8 19
unfortunately i’ve had to deal with TSA/steroid cream withdrawal now so basically my eczema is more likely steroid induced eczema. @timecat please be careful how you use your creams Anyway I use a shower oil as normal soaps are bad for your skin. You can use bar soaps too. And i also have a thick cream from the pharmacy that a doctor recommended that I use. (they’re so expensive 😩) Try to shower in lukewarm water, hot water really irritates my skin to the point where I scratch my whole body raw in the shower.
Oct 8 19
A prescribed pro topic is the only thing that worked for me
Oct 8 19
@zeneca oh definitely, I only use the steroids very sparingly and try not to use them at all but when the eczema is bad there's nothing that will help (like right now, my hands are blistering and peeling, so I can't really avoid them) Also forgot to add that something like oilatum in the shower is very good, and thick creams like epaderm and zerobase will help with the dryness
Oct 9 19
mine is extremely bad right now and i’m so embarrassed because it’s never been like this all i want to do is wear sweatshirts:( i’ve seen a dermatologist for years i don’t know what to do anymore
Oct 9 19
@Maui03 Have you tried coconut oil? My friend uses lots of non medicated items and he suggested coconut oil to help kill the bacteria. I haven’t tried it yet but I will soon

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