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May 14
I have constant anxiety, so I thought I would ask you all before I freak out. In the past I have been weird about taking my birth control but this past month I have taken it at the time or within 5 minutes of the same time. I started my placebo week on Sunday (my period is funky and I only get it for 3 days and it normally starts on Wednesday). My boyfriend came in me a tiny bit, we stopped as soon as it happened. I took plan b about 4/5 hours later. However this morning when I read more on it (online) it says that Plan B one step is ineffective for women who weigh over 165...I weigh around 210. Should I be freaking out? The planned parenthood website said that Plan B one step was the second best option even when I put in my weight. I don’t know what to do. My birth control is amneal if that helps. What happens now? Should I be worried? Will the plan b affect this period? Should I take a pregnancy test next week? I am such a noob.
May 14
if you have taken all your birth control pills on time then you are fine! don’t stress about it! plan b will most likely affect this period and will have a bunch of different side effects. if it helps ease your mind take a pregnancy test in 3 weeks! you are still protected during your break week if you’ve taken the ones leading up to it on time!
May 14
@sprintecccc Thank you for your reply! I suppose I should have said I had also vomited on Saturday morning (the last day of my active pills), I have seen things that say the pill is less effective if you vomit...which to be honest no one has ever told me. Also thank you for letting me know to wait three weeks.
May 14
of course!!! how long after taking your pill did you vomit? if it was 3 or more hours then you’re fine and the pill will have absorbed!
May 14
@sprintecccc I’m not 100% sure which I why I took the pill. I’m thinking it was since I was at brunch when I took the pill and I remember vomiting in the afternoon, but so cannot be 100% sure. At the very least I am now learning a lot of new things about BC...I suppose there is a bright side to everything.
May 14
@sprintecccc I also weigh over the 165 they say for Plan B. Does that make it not effective? Do you think I should worry?
May 14
what time do you take your pill?
May 14
if it was mid-late afternoon then you’ll be fine i wouldn’t worry!
May 14
i don’t know a lot about plan b i have tried to not use it very much because i know it’s hard on your body and i get really bad side effects from it but if the website told you that it will be okay with your weight then i would just go by that!
May 15
@sprintecccc do you think that I might not get my period this week if I took plan b? I normally start it middle week (today) and have it until Sunday but I still haven’t gotten it and I’m starting to slightly freak out. Everything freaks me out since the incident. I’m so tired of guys relying on the girls to have the birth control.
May 16
plan b will heighten side effects therefore you may have breakthrough bleeding or may not it’s kind of different for everyone! so i cant tell you that you will get it or you won’t!

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