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Jun 8
i’m looking for an air dry cream for my hair. i shower before work and don’t like blow drying my hair so i like letting it air dry, but it becomes frizzy and doesn’t look cute. i have thin wavy/straight hair. any suggestions on what i could use? i just wanna apply it to my wet/damp hair and be able to walk out the door
Jun 9
i used to use shea moistures hemp seed oil lush length leave in, but now i’m using their marshmallow root leave in. they both come in spray bottles and i prefer the hemp seed oil one, but with both i’m able to spray into my hair, comb out, and air dry without getting frizz like i would without it. i also have sort of fine wavy hair, and these have helped my hair so much. it works differently for everyone but i’d try the hemp seed one and see how it feels
Jun 9
@toriiii thank you ☺️

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