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Nov 21 22
Constipation and Tender Nipples?? Sorry if TMI but I see a lot of different posts here so I guess it's fine lol It's currently Monday almost and I haven't had a normal bowel movement since last Thursday. There's been a little bit but nothing like it should be normally. I guess I'm impacted or something. I've been drinking water a lot tonight and I ate two bananas this afternoon and some more fruit so hopefully something will happen soon. The cramping isn't really bad and it comes and goes. However, this evening I noticed that my nipples are super tender. It's really, really odd and I can't imagine it's related to being constipated because that's two totally different things. I had sex 4 weeks ago with my boyfriend but I have never ever missed a pill or skipped one for the last 4 years since I've been on it. And I would never have sex if I did miss it. Of course I started googling and doom scrolling and stuff talking about early pregnancy signs. I don't have any tests to take here but I will take one tomorrow or the next day. Course now I'm freaking out and can't sleep but I do know for a fact that I'm constipated and it's not menstrual cramping because been having trouble pooping all weekend. I rarely get a period or bleed since I've been on the pill (is that safe BTW?? It seems so inconsistent). But what the hell is the nipple tenderness from??? Brand: Hailey 28
Nov 21 22
Sore nipples may just be a side effect of the pill. Constipation could be anything, try to eat more fibre. As long as you take your pill correctly you’re not pregnant. It’s not a real period on the pill so whether or not you bleed it’s not really relevant

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