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Sep 13
do any of you guys take a pregnancy test every now and then while on birth control just to be cautious? i know that if u take ur pill at the same time every day ur most likely not going to get pregnant, but i’m a bit of a paranoid person and always think that something will go wrong, and the only way to know if ur pregnant while on birth control is to take a test. is anyone else like this? i’m just curious if it’s a nice idea to take a test every once in awhile to ease ur mind:)
Sep 13
i haven’t taken a test while on birth control, but i get so paranoid about pregnancy as well ! almost don’t want to take a test bc i’m terrified that it will be positive. but i also suffer from OCD and like clinical paranoia so that comes with it unfortunately :(
Sep 13
yeah i’m also scared that it’ll be positive and that’s kinda why i don’t wanna take one either even tho i take my pill correctly lol. it’s just annoying that some of the signs of early pregnancy are the same symptoms u get while on the pill so i get even more paranoid lol. but hopefully we’ll both work up the courage to take a test just so we can relax about it <3
Sep 13
Sep 13
@nikeyxo wow! thank you so much :)
Sep 13
I personally don't because I trust my birth control, but if it would ease your mind and help you build trust that your birth control is working then go ahead

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